Sunday, 18 February 2018

Week 347 Wrap Up

That's Princess Vile Betrayer to you! Oh wait, sorry about that. I had a certain movie running on repeat in my mind, and got carried away. Don't you hate it when your thoughts betray you like that? Hmm... But does that truly count as being betrayed by one's thoughts, or just a lack of focus? I'm not really sure.

It could be that I've just got betrayal on the mind because that has been the theme for this week's Gallery. A veritable treasure of traitors awaits within! And that is not a phrase I would have expected to say, but art can have that effect at times.

Well, it seems that the deadline has been reached; either my clocks have betrayed me or I got distracted. Err... it was totally the clocks' fault. Totally. But yes, the time for the opening of the Gallery is at hand, and must not be delayed any further.

Gallery for Week 347

01. AnimatorWil
Pinkie says: Come on Dashie, try a bite. It won't hurt you.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Week 346 Wrap Up

Brick-a-brack-a firecracka, shish boom baaaa...ah'm not feeling this. I think I've made that reference before, anyways. Being a cheerleader is not easy when you're not exactly the most energetic of ponies, but at least I'm not out on the field. Seriously, how do those ponies maintain that kind of energy level? Constantly running and spinning and diving and leaping; I get tired just thinking about it.

Which is why I prefer my work here at the Gallery. Not nearly as much running around involved. Well, usually... Things do get pretty hectic around here when a major villain is on the loose, but that's usually only twice a year at most. And that's much easier to deal with than trying to keep up that pace through a full season of a typical sport.

But enough about that. It is time to open the Gallery this evening, so let us go ahead and do just that.

Gallery for Week 346

01. AnimatorWil
Rarity says: Focus is the key to victory, darlings!

Does she aim for a hole in one? Or just come out to have some fun? - fetchbeer

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Week 345 Wrap Up

I don't know what to write here, so I'm just gonna call this done. Goodnight, everypony!


Yeah, I don't think I could actually get away with that. But it's hard to write when you don't know what to write... which should probably get the response, "Hello, Captain Obvious." But it is nonetheless true. Perhaps I should seek out Mystery Inc., and see if they can find me some clues on what I should write. But sadly, I do not have time for such an endeavor. Or for much of anything else, for that matter. So let's turn our attention to this week's gallery, and see if any of the resident artist have any clue on what to do.

Gallery for Week 345

01. AnimatorWil
Maud says: ...

Some don't need words to convey their meaning, but can communicate through their eyes beaming. - fetchbeer

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Week 344 Wrap Up

You're probably wondering what all that banging and clanging is. Well, we had planned on doing renovations over the course of the week, with said renovations being completed on Friday. But we ran into a few complications. And by 'complications', I mean the summoning of Shala Lala the Shuddering Horror. Eldritch entities appearing in the middle of town doesn't exactly speed up one's projects. Of course, this is Ponyville, a town that comes under attack by powerful supernatural entities on a regular basis. So the construction ponies had factored in such a potential assault when they planned out their work, and thus expected to be finished by now anyways.

But then, the Inferno Empire attacked. Overlord Vulcanus and his incendiary minions didn't stick around for long, quickly deciding that discretion was the better part of valor after Princess Twilight threw Shala Lala at them (Of all the days they could have picked for their invasion, it had to be the one when the 'stars were right'), but their brief presence in town still added to the overall destruction wreaked that day.

But thankfully, the Gallery is still able to open this evening. While the builders aren't finished with their work, they have found some inventive new ways of getting the work done without impeding the visitors. Specifically, finishing the main hall first, then worrying about the side rooms. Which doesn't really seem 'inventive' or 'new' to me, but who am I to argue with the ponies that keep this oft-cursed town from collapsing?

Gallery for Week 344

01. AnimatorWil

Cutting boots apart can be easy fashion, though it could cause disasters that make you ashen. - fetchbeer

02. MixedScales

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Week 343 Wrap Up

Are you as awesome as you wanna be? Because I am! Which is admittedly not all that hard, as I don't actually want to be all that awesome. You see, awesome people get a lot of attention, and as an introvert, I often prefer to go unnoticed. Besides, flying under the radar is quite beneficial to my work as a sneaky jewelry thie... err, nevermind that.

But for those looking for something more attention getting than I tend to be, there's plenty of radical ponies present in the gallery. Though do be careful, as there seem to be a few radical elements, aka rebels, hidden amongst those ponies, and they are ready to stick it to the man! Whatever that means; radical lingo is not something I'm particularly well versed in.

At any rate, that's enough gibbering from me. Time to open up the gallery!

Gallery for Week 343

01. AnimatorWil

The coolest ponies strike a pose, and get to show off their new clothes. - fetchbeer

02. LuxrayStark

Getting to meet you a monster face to face, less interesting stories may replace. - fetchbeer

03. LuxrayStark

04. AaronMK

Sometimes the good must go to war, just pray that peace they do restore. - fetchbeer

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Week 342 Wrap Up

Attennn-HU*crack* OWW! Gah... Note to self: Don't abruptly stand up straight under a low arch.

But NEVER MIND that, Maggots! The time has COME for you Dog-Faced LOSERS to show me... You're not gonna start CRYING, are you!?

Wait, you are gonna start crying? Oh geez, I'm sorry. You know what? Screw this act; nopony actually likes drill sergeants anyways. Not even the Guardponies themselves. So instead, let's celebrate this week's theme with military marching songs instead, as those are much more enjoyable! Alright, all together now:

Sombra's mother, she's the queen,
Bit it in the final scene,
Drank a glass of funky wine,
Now she's Tirek's valentine!

Gallery for Week 342

01. AnimatorWil

How should sheep behave in regards to apex predators? Much in the same way as they do to creditors. - fetchbeer

02. LuxrayStark

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Week 341 Wrap Up

A luck-based theme coming from the ATG? Why, the odds of that are three thousand seven hundred and twenty to one! And yet, here we are; good thing people never tell us the odds. After all, sometimes in life you just gotta roll the dice and see what comes up. *rolls* Bah, snake eyes. Why did it have to be snake eyes?

Bleh. I think I'll quit before my luck gets any worse. Besides, it's time to open up the Gallery, so I shouldn't keep you all waiting any longer. So without further ado, I present examples of ponies interacting with luck. Hopefully better luck than mine.

Gallery for Week 341

01. GoggleSparks

Every night should not be forgotten, even if it's rotten. - fetchbeer

02. AnimatorWil

How does one hold a card, with hooves it seems quite hard! - fetchbeer

03. RemnantViscera

They don't seem too happy about this costume, but at least they're not dressed as a broom. - fetchbeer